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Cai MingChairman Boloni

Born in Beijing in 1968, he worked at the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences after graduating from university. In 1992, he started his own business and established Kebao Company.
He is the prototype of Lu Tao in Struggle. From college student Banye to the first person in Chinese kitchenware, he has created three world top household brands, Kebao, Boloni and Timahe. In 2008, he returned to national art and pioneered to operate a top Chinese club that integrates opera, gallery, catering and home furnishing - the Nine Dynasties Club, and also the first private Kunqu Opera theater in Beijing.

The first person in the field of home decoration in China, who loves Italian design and respects German quality. The first domestic design firm to introduce comprehensive cooperation with an Italian design firm, and it is the only overall cooperation from spatial lifestyle design to full series product design; It was also the first person to fully introduce the German production plant manager and construction general manager.


    Cyberpunk avatar in cooperation with the team of the Oscar winning film "The Story of Water".

    The top three electronic syllables in the world - Belgian TOMORROWLAND electronic syllable enthusiasts.

    World artists, Hippie gathering place - Burning Man fanatical participants.


    Co-branding furniture was released with Hussein Karajan, a globally influential designer.

    Cross border cooperation with the British Royal Duchess of Honours, Sandra Rhodes.

    In conjunction with the international famous pattern designer Irahima, the "Lonely Cyborg" series was released.

    Named AAC Art China, the "Peak Night" of Chinese contemporary art is held in the Forbidden City, combining culture and art with home furnishings.

    Invited to participate in the Sino French Cultural Year and showcased Boloni art style full house products at the Louvre.

    Established the world brand of creating Chinese culture - the Nine Dynasties Festival, and invited the first Chinese Academy Award winner and international art master Ye Jintian to host the design, integrating Kunqu into the artistic conception of New Orientalism.

    Cooperate with front-line artists such as Zeng Fanzhi, Zhou Chunya and Fang Lijun to integrate art and home furnishing.


    Walk in Art Basel, including Art Basel in Switzerland, Art Basel in Miami and Art Basel in Hong Kong

    Invited to participate in the STURGIS Motorcycle Carnival, Harley Motor Show, and Classic Car Show in the United States.

    Invited to participate in the Venice Biennale and the MOOOI Art Exhibition, the Milan Home Furnishing Pioneer Exhibition.

    Frequent visitors to international art exhibitions, shuttling through major world-class furniture exhibitions, design weeks, and art festivals, passionate about experiencing global design hotels.


    Invested in Generation Z anime lP Company, and created an IP image for the London Olympic Games.

    The uncrowned king of the streets - Wangjing small waist investor.

    China's customized locomotive leader - loose locomotive behind the scenes.

    Global Art and Fashion Experience Space - IBIC Investors.

  • STAR

    Collaborate with Crown Princess Zhang Tian'ai to create the 'High Beauty Cloakroom'.

    Collaborating with the London Museum of Fashion Fabrics, we have introduced the exhibition "Fashion Imprints - From Picasso to Andy Warhol" and strongly invited Liu Yan to cross border as the curator.

    Create a celebrity locker room for Yao Chen, the female lead of the phenomenal hit drama 'Everything's Fine'.

  • MR.

    Interviewees of authoritative TV programs such as CCTV's Dialogue, Business Way and Phoenix Satellite TV's Complete Fashion Manual talked with Prime Minister of Sweden Merde Olofsson.

    Hot job seeking reality show variety show "It's You" gold medal mentor.

    He participated in Winning in China's Clear Water and Blue Sky with 12 entrepreneurs including Wang Xiaofei and Li Jing, talked with Ma Yun and Liu Chuanzhi, and won the eight finals.