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  • 2022
    Deeply emotional 'Reading and White', Como Kitchen Cabinet New Product Release
    With a white that embodies the unknown and inclusiveness, it interprets the 'colorless proposition' under Boloni, coming for life, endowing the future with myriad possibilities of colors.
  • 2021
    Folding Tengri, Mars cabinet, new product launch
    Facing the desert, looking up at the Milky Way, Boloni, who has been focusing on high-end lifestyles for 29 years, uses an island of life to pay tribute to the present and the future.
  • 2020
    Boloni X Hussein Karajan
    Husain Karajan, a pioneer designer of cross-border cooperation, and a surreal exiled poet, released the Co-branding sofa of Karajan.
  • 2019
    British Baroness Sandra Rhodes
    Cross border collaboration with British Baroness Sandra Rhodes, introducing "Fashion Imprints: From Picasso to Andy Warhol," applying classic lipstick elements to home products and bringing art into daily life.
  • 2018
    Lonely Cyborg Series Released
    Together with Italian pattern designer Ilahima, the company released the "Lonely Cyborg", which is a cross-border fashion. It interprets loneliness with the spirit of freedom and rebellion, and presents a fantastic visual feast of aestheticism.
  • 2017
    AAC Palace Museum
    Boloni named AAC Art China and held the "Peak Night" of Chinese contemporary art in the Forbidden City, closely integrating culture and art with home life, allowing more artworks to enter thousands of households.
  • 2014
    Sino French Cultural Year, Boloni Art Home Exhibition
    Boloni was invited to participate in the Sino French Cultural Year and exhibited his artistic full house products at the Louvre.
  • 2013
    Japanese "storage leader" Kondo Daiko founded the "Kondo Daiko Home Storage System"
    Japan's "storage leader" Kondo Daiko founded the "Kondo Daiko Home Storage System". In 2013, Boloni collaborated with Kondo Daiko to release "Building a Well Organized Home".
  • 2010
    Created 16 lifestyles for the international mainstream elite class with renowned Italian designer Riparini
  • 2009
    The publication of '7 poses and 16 forms'
    According to the design theory of Bauhaus' ergonomics, Boloni invited fashion people, designers and philosophers to jointly develop the concept system of "7 postures, 16 lifestyles".
  • 2009
    Founding a contraction of Chinese culture World Brand - Nine Dynasties Meeting
    We strongly invite the first Chinese Academy Award winner and international art master Ye Jintian to host the design, integrating Kunqu into the artistic conception of New Orientalism.
  • 2008
    Designed for China
    Boloni integrated front-line designers from 8 countries, including Kengo Kuma, as theme designers, to pay tribute to Chinese culture in the new era after 2008.
  • 2007
    Introducing the Academy Award ANDREW MARTIN in Interior Design to China
    Boloni introduced the Andrew Martin Global Interior Design Award, known as the Oscar in the interior design industry, to China and purchased Chinese copyright for nationwide distribution, driving the overall improvement of China's design level.

    The first Chinese home furnishing enterprise to introduce world-class interior design awards, allowing Chinese people to enjoy world-class quality design

  • 2005
    LINO Led the Design of the World's First Home Experience Hall -7 Houses Bringing the Home Furnishing Industry into an Experience Era
  • 2004
    The first art crossover
    Boloni conducted the first cross-border cooperation of art+home products with artists Zeng Fanzhi, Zhou Chunya and Fang Lijun.
  • 2003
    Million Kitchen Born —— Mario
    China has entered the top international ranks and has the ability to manufacture world-class kitchen cabinets.
  • 2002
    Establish a comprehensive design catalog
    Boloni invited Italian design leader Lino Codato as the lead designer to build a full house architecture including cabinets, furniture, bathrooms, interior doors, and a 32mm flexible production system, entering the field of overall kitchens.
  • 2001
    Joint venture with Italian home furnishing consulting company FERRANINISRL, with LINO CODATA as the design core